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Thank you so much for making your way to this page! We can’t share this event and raise much-needed awareness and funds without sharing your craft. 2021 is a special year being our 10th Year Anniversary. As we celebrate a decade of dapper we are looking to share as much as we can from rides around the world.

Please have a read below if you wish to support us! Make sure to fill in your details so we can credit you to your preference! Its the least we can do for the support you have shown us.

  1. Complete the form below with all your information and click “Next”. You must agree to the consent statement.
  2. Drag all Photo’s in to the Drop Area or click the “Choose Files” button.
  3. Photo size should not exceed 10MB each photo.

Important: You must be the lawful copyright holder of any images that are uploaded and by uploading you give express permission for your photos to be shared across all DGR channels, DGR partner channels and media organisations.

We will only use images without watermarks so please upload photos without them. All photos will be credited correctly when used.

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