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Video Uploader

There are multiple ways to submit video and it is up to you. If you want to submit another way or are unsure please email video@gentlemansride.com

Global Wrap Up – Deadline

It is our goal to include as many of the local events as possible within the 2021 Global Wrap Up Video. In order to do so we require supplied footage to maintain the highest of standards that we have set out below with a delivery date no later than 1st June 2021.

Steps to Upload

If you are sending this with WeTransfer or Dropbox please use the filename as DGR21_Country_City_Resolution (1080 or 4K)_Videographer Full Name.

Minimum Requirements

  • We will only use the highest resolution video, no colour grading with the correct style bikes.
  • Resolution 16:9, minimum 1080p.
  • Minimum 25fps.

Important: You must be the lawful copyright holder of any video that are uploaded and by uploading you give express permission for your video to be shared across all DGR channels, DGR partner channels and media organisations.

All videos will be credited correctly when used.

Video Upload Form

Upload Files through fileinbox.com